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Film Media S.A. has been active at the Polish film market since 1996. Apart from it’s film sales and distribution successes, the company produced many TV programmes, TV series and feature films.

In 1997 Film Media S.A. via it’s producer and member of the Board, Jacek Samojłowicz, executively produced the ROYAL OAK ENTERTAINMENT’s theatrical movie “The White Raven”. It was directed by Andrew Stevens and shot on locations in Poland. The film was purchased by film distributors from all over the world. In 2002 the company launched the cooperation on producing feature films starring Steven Seagal. The company is the executive producer of “The Foreigner” directed by Michael Oblowitz. The film is distributed internationally by Columbia TriStar and in Poland it has been released on DVD by Warner Bros.

In September 2003 the company finished shooting its second film with Steven Seagal titled “Out of Reach” by Po-Chih Leonga. This film is the first Polish-British co-production entirely based on the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-productions.

In October 2003, Film Media S.A. finished shooting the 10-episode TV comedy series “Dziki” (The Savage) broadcast by the major private TV station POLSAT in its prime-time. After a huge commercial success of the series the company produced its second season – “Dziki 2” (The Savage 2) broadcast in March 2005.

In 2006, Film Media S.A. produced the feature based on the hugely popular Polish bestseller by Katarzyna Grochola “Ja wam pokażę!” (I’ll Show You All!). The film was premiered in February 2006 and had 1,2 mln admissions which places it among the most popular Polish films ever. “Ja wam pokażę!” (I’ll Show You All!) was released on DVD in July 2006 and had it’s TV premiere in 2007 - the Polish public broadcaster TVP.

Other films successfully produced by Film Media S.A. and Jacek Samojłowicz are:

  • “Skorumpowani” (The Corrupted) by Jarosław Żamojda starring Max Ryan and Olivier Gruner – theatrical release – 2008
  • the most awaited Polish film of 2009, winner of over 20 film awards “Wojna polsko-ruska” (Snow White and Russian Red) by Xawery Żuławski – theatrical release – 2009, over 450 000 admissions     

Currently, the company is in post-production of the feature film “Ixjana z piekła rodem” by Józef and Michał Skolimowski.

Film Media S.A. has at its disposal a professional editing equipment with Avid and Final Cut software.  

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